• What happens if my son is late?  Punctuality is very important. If your son arrives at school after morning registration has finished, he must sign in at the  MI office and explain the reason for his late arrival. See also ‘What if my son is ill?’
  • Persistent lateness.  We sanction students who are persistently late. Students will receive a series of detentions if they are late twice or more in a term. If persistent lateness occurs, the Head of Year or Attendance Supervisor will be in contact with you.
  • What if my son is ill?  Do not send your son to school if he is ill before school starts; please notify the school by phone 0118 978 1626 and either leave a message on the answerphone or speak to Reception. You will also need to notify the school on each subsequent morning of his absence.
  • A written note detailing the reason for absence must be provided to your son’s Year Tutor on the day he returns to school.

    If your child becomes sick during the school day, his subject teacher, Tutor or Head of Year will send him to the Medical Room, where he will be assessed by a First Aider and receive treatment if appropriate. If your son is deemed too ill to remain at school, you will be contacted and arrangements made to send him home. Please ensure that your emergency contact details are correct and kept up to date - any changes can be sent to the school via office@forest.wokingham.sch.uk .

  • What if my son needs a medical appointment?  Medical appointments for your son to see a doctor, dentist etc should be made outside school hours. If this is not possible, please contact the school office as soon as possible by phone or email PupilAbsence@forest.wokingham.sch.uk  with the appointment time and date to ensure your son’s Tutor is made aware of it.

  • See also our FAQs section here.